Drips of Years

Choi Ka Man , Janet

Sculpture and Video Installation


Stalagmites and stalactites are rock formations formed by drippings from cave ceilings. The heights of these formations were measured and, knowing the pace of development, the ages were calculated. Using digital printing, video and glass, a modified hourglass presents a sculptural contrast between natural and constructed forms.

Project Description

The constant dripping all around us in the caves reminded me that the stalagmite formation is a slow, continuous process that becomes a type of stone hourglass. The formation of the shapes in the caves is slow but strong and unique; the formation of our city skyline is temporary, shifting and identical. The artwork presents the time needed for each type of development—both natural and manmade—and creates a contrast between the skills and craftsmanship of nature as an artisan vs. man-made bulk development. The caves represent an absence of politics, economics and human resources that allow for growth to occur at a natural pace and with individual beauty.

Artist Statement

Choi Ka Man , Janet