Program Executive Producer: Scott Hessels

Logistics and Communications Coordinator: Vicky Do

Equipment Coordinator: Tian Macleod Ji

Guest Artist and Expedition Assistant: Alessandro Carboni

General Office Liaison: Emily Ko Tsz Kei

Catalogue Written by Scott Hessels

Catalogue Edited by Line Marie Thorsen

Translation by Lam Ching Yin

Translation Edited by Bonnie Yeung Mei Lan

Catalogue and Poster Designed by Dom Paul Chung

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Program Credits

The Vietnam Caves expedition and exhibition was made possible through the hard work of an outstanding team of education and outdoor professionals and I deeply thank everyone involved for their support.

Only one tour operator is allowed into these caves and we were very fortunate that they shared our passion for preserving this special secret. Oxalis Adventure Tours and Luke Harrison Ford worked tirelessly to make it possible for us to see one of the hidden wonders of the world. Our Sales Assistant Lê Thị Hải Yến was a terrific liaison and our two guides, Hoàng Thái Bình and Hoàng Trung Kiên, helped us explore the caves safely. Our camping gear, food, and necessities were carried by a great team of porters: Trương Xuân Trung, Trần Quốc Toán, Trương Ngọc Danh, Trương Quang Hoàn, Trương Quý Dậu, Trần Bá Sơn, Trương Xuân Phong, Trương Xuân Lương, Trần Đức Diễn, Trần Sơn Đồng, Thái Xuân Lâm. Mr. Chau Nguyen, Oxalis Owner and General Director should be commended for running an organization that protects these caves with great conviction and respect.

The School of Creative Media staff is still the best that I have encountered. Ms. Emily Ko Tsz Kei in the SCM General Office once again was integral in managing the logistics and finances of this complex program under the supervision of Ms. Estella Tong Mei Mei. Ms. Bonnie Yeung Mei Lan insured that the Chinese text of this catalogue faithfully matched the English. The success of the exhibition owes much to the fundraising of Ms. Mary Fung Chuen Yee as well as SCM’s events team of Mr. Jasper Fung Tsun Yin and Ms. Fion Ng Yin Chun. Mr. Garry Luk Gar Hon and his fine team in the SCM Production Centre continue to support us even after we dump piles of muddy and scratched gear on our return. SCM’s IT department was also a great resource and I thank Dr. Joshua Pun Chun Chung, Mr. Antony Chan Kwong Chau, and Mr. Joe Leung Ka Pak.

None of this would be possible without the vision of our Provost, Professor Arthur Ellis, our Dean Professor Jeffrey Shaw and Chair Professor and Associate Provost Christian Wagner. The dedication of these education professionals makes this program possible.

The fourteen students on this expedition were among the finest I have encountered and their humor, hard work and fearlessness inspired this old professor to climb the next rock, swim the next cavern, and brush away the 100th spider. Thank you all and may you never have to use a ‘jungle toilet’ again.

Associate Professor Scott Hessels
Executive Producer: Extreme Environments Program
Hong Kong
May 2015

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