Nothing changes if nothing changes

Tian Macleod Ji

Photographic Installation


Cave entrances and Hong Kong apartment windows were photographed from the same viewpoint; inside looking out. Two large prints – one image chosen from both locations – were cut and placed onto the vertical slats of aluminium blinds on both sides, creating a lenticular-type effect. An electric blind controller is attached and programmed to flip the image at regular intervals.

Artwork Description

Caves are isolating; they enclose us and shut us off from the outside world. The sense of seclusion and loneliness one feels when looking out from inside the caves is reminiscent to that of Hong Kong’s small apartments – ‘urban caves’ stacked on top of, and next to, each other with little or no interconnectivity. The project considers the architecture of isolation: time passes but the cave only changes in appearance – we have still not escaped.

Artist Statement

Tian Macleod Ji